Famous Native Americans

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Famous Native Americans
Discover the history of the Famous Native Americans of North America. The history of the Indian Wars, together with timelines and information, from the perspective and stories of famous Indian chiefs. Learn about the causes of the conflicts and battles surrounding many famous tribes with key events and key dates included in each biography of a famous Native American Indian.

The real events which contain facts and history about the 'Wild West' and the US Cavalry. The history of the Famous Native Americans covers the most famous, legendary names from the various tribes. Names we have all heard of such as Hiawatha, Sitting Bull, Cochise and Red Cloud, Geronimo and Crazy Horse.

Short Biographies of Famous Native Americans
The short biographies of each of the following articles on Famous Native Americans provide an opportunity to study the lives, key dates, facts, key events, conflicts, wars and battles fought by these famous men and Indian chiefs. There are pictures, paintings, images and photographs of the many of these Famous Native Americans.

Sitting Bull
Metacom (King Philip)
King Hancock
Blue Jacket
Chief Seattle aka Sealth
Dull Knife aka Morning Star
Red Cloud
Looking Glass
Rain in the Face
Chief Gall
Chief Joseph
Crazy Horse
Chief Kamiakin
Kicking Bear
Chief Pontiac
Black Hawk
Little Turtle
Chief Osceola
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