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Who were Native Indian Chiefs and why were they famous? Summary: The Native Indian Chiefs were all famous for their different stands against the encroachment of their tribal lands, the destruction of their culture and way of life and their opposition to the forced relocation of their tribes to Indian territory and reservations.

The following list contains interesting facts, names and pictures the most famous Native Indian Chiefs and details of their tribes. Click the appropriate link for comprehensive facts about each Native Indian Chief.

List of Native Indian Chiefs

Sitting Bull
Tribe: Lakota Sioux
Lifespan of Sitting Bull: 1731 1890
Date of Birth: 1831
Date of Death: December 15, 1890
Famous for: Battle of Little Bighorn on June 25 1876
Red Cloud
Tribe: Oglalla Sioux
Lifespan of Red Cloud: 1822 - 1909
Date of Birth: 1822 at Powder River country of Wyoming and Montana
Death: December 10, 1909, Sioux agency at Pine Ridge
Wars: The Sioux Wars (1854 - 1891), Red Cloud's War (18651868)
Tribe: Shawnee
Lifespan of Tecumseh: 1768 1813
Date of Birth: March 1768
Date of Death: October 5, 1813
Famous for: Tecumseh's War (18111813)
Tribe: Apache
Lifespan of Geronimo: 1829 - 1909
Date of Birth: June 16, 1829 at Turkey Creek, Gila River in Arizona
Death: February 17, 1909 at Fort Sill, Oklahoma
Wars: Apache Wars (1851 - 1900), 1861 Battle of Apache Pass
Tribe: Onondaga
Date of Birth: c1525 near Lake Champlain
Death: Unknown
Famous as Co-founder of the Iroquois Confederacy
Featured in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow epic poem published in 1855
Chief Joseph
Tribe: Nez Perce
Lifespan of Chief Joseph: 1840 - 1904
Date of Birth: 03 March 1840, Wallowa Valley, Oregon
Death: 21 September 1904, Place of Death:
Wars: Nez Perce War (June - October 1877)
Black Hawk
Tribe: Sauk and Fox
Lifespan of Black Hawk: 1767 - 1838
Date of Birth: 1767, Saukenuk, Illinois
Death: October 3, 1838, Davis County, Iowa
Famous Battles: The 1832 Black Hawk War
Tribe: Powhatan
Lifespan of Powhatan: 1547 1618
Date of Birth: June 17, 1547
Death: April 1618
Famous for: The Powhatan Wars and his daughter

Tribe: Apache
Lifespan of Cochise: c. 1804 - 1874
Date of Birth: c. 1804 in Chiricahua Apache country
Date of Death: June 8, 1874 at Arizona's Dragoon Mountains
Famous Battles: Apache Wars, Battle of Apache Pass

Chief Osceola
Tribe: Seminole - raised in the Creek tribe
Lifespan of Osceola: 1804 - 1838
Date of Birth: 1804, Tallassee, Alabama
 Death: January 1838, Fort Moultrie, South Carolina
Wars: First and Second Seminole Wars

Tribe: Narragansett, meaning "(People) of the Small Point"
Homeland: Rhode Island
Lifespan of Canonicus: c.15651647
Famous for: Selling land in Rhode Island to Roger Williams and siding with  the British during the Pequot War

Metacom (King Philip)
Tribe: Wampanoag
Lifespan of Metacom: (1640-1676)
Date of Birth: 1640
Death: August 12, 1676, Plymouth Colony
Famous for: King Philip's War

King Hancock
Tribe: Tuscarora meaning "Hemp Gatherers"
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: 1712 - King Hancock was executed by the British
Famous Battles: Tuscarora War (1711 - 1715). The Tuscarora War was fought in North Carolina

Blue Jacket
Tribe: Shawnee
Lifespan of Blue Jacket: c1743 - c1810
Date of Birth: c1743 at Deer Creek (present Ross County, Ohio)
Death: c1810
Famous Battles: 1794 Battle of Fallen Timbers

Chief Seattle
Tribe: Suquamish
Lifespan of Chief Seattle: c1786 - 1866
Date of Birth: c1786 at Bainbridge Island, across Puget Sound
Death: June 7, 1866 at Port Madison, Washington
Witnessed the arrival of Captain George Vancouver

Dull Knife
Tribe: Cheyenne
Lifespan of Dull Knife, aka Morning Star: 1810 - 1879
Date of Birth: 1810 in Montana
Death: January 8, 1879 at Northern Cheyenne reservation
Famous Battles: Red Cloud's War and the 1876 Battle of Little Bighorn
Tribe: Apache
Lifespan of Victorio: c. 1825 - 1880
Date of Birth: c. 1825 at Warm Springs, New Mexico
Death: October 14, 1880 (aged 55) at Tres Castillos, Mexico
Wars: Apache Wars (1851 - 1900), Victorio's War (18791880)
Looking Glass
Tribe: Nez Perce
Lifespan of Looking Glass: (1832 - 1877)
Place of Birth: Wallowa Valley of Oregon
Death: October 5, 1877 at Bear's Paw Mountains battlefield
Wars: Nez Perce War (June - October 1877)
Rain in the Face
Tribe: Hunkpapa Sioux
Lifespan of Rain in the Face: 1835-1905
Birth: 1835 near the Cheyenne River in North Dakota
Death: September 15, 1905, Bullhead Station, Standing Rock Reservation
Wars: The Sioux Wars (1854 - 1891), Battle of Little Bighorn
Tribe: Kiowa
Lifespan of Santana: (1830-1878)
Date of Birth: c1830 in Kiowa territory
Death: October 11, 1878 at Fort Sill, Oklahoma
Enemies: General Philip Sheridan and Lt. Colonel George A. Custer
Chief Gall
Tribe: Sioux
Lifespan of Gall: c. 1840 - 1894
Birth: c. 1840 Near the Moreau River in South Dakota
Date of Death: December 5, 1894 Wakpala, South Dakota
Famous Battles: Battle of the Little Bighorn
Crazy Horse
Tribe: Oglala Lakota Sioux
Lifespan of Crazy Horse: c1840 - 1877
Date of Birth: c1840 near the Republican River
Death: September 5, 1877, Fort Robinson, Nebraska
Famous Battles: Red Cloud's War, Battle of the Rosebud and Little Bighorn
Tribe: Navajo
Lifespan of Manuelito: (c.1818 - 1893)
Date of Birth: c1818, Southeastern Utah
Death: 1893, Navajo Reservation, New Mexico Territory
Famous for his leadership and the "Long Walk"
Chief Kamiakin
Tribe: Yakama
Lifespan of Kamiakin: 1800 - 1877
Date of Birth: 1800, Near Starbuck, Washington
Date of Death: April 1877, Rock Lake (Washington)
Famous Battles: The Yakima War (1855-1858), Battle at Union Gap
Kicking Bear
Tribe: Oglala Lakota Sioux
Lifespan of Kicking Bear: 1846 - 1904
Birth: March 18, 1846, Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota
Death: May 28, 1904, Manderson-White Horse Creek
Wars: The Sioux Wars, Battle of the Little Bighorn, Ghost Dance War
Chief Pontiac
Tribe: Ottawa
Lifespan of Chief Pontiac: c. 1720 April 20, 1769
Date of Birth: c. 1720 near Maumee River, Ohio (then New France)
Death: April 20, 1769, Near Cahokia, Illinois Country
Famous Wars: Pontiac's War, also known as Pontiac's Rebellion
Tribe: Cherokee
Lifespan of Sequoyah: c. 1770 - 1843
Birth: c. 1770, Near Fort Loudon on the Tennessee River
Date of Death: August 1843, Matamoras
Famous for creating the Cherokee alphabet
Little Turtle
Tribe: Miami of the Great Lakes region
Lifespan of Little Turtle: c.1747 July 14, 1812
Date of Birth: c. 1747, Pickawillany village, Ohio
Death: July 14, 1812, near present-day Columbia City, Indiana
Famous Battles: 1794 Battle of Fallen Timbers
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