Trail of Tears Facts

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Trail of Tears Facts
This page provides a fast overview of the key dates and events that culminated in the forced march called the Trail of Tears.

Trail of Tears Facts

  • Fact 01: The Trail of Tears was approximately 1000 miles

  • Fact 02: The Five Civilised Tribes were were forced to travel from their homelands in the Deep South to reservations in present day Oklahoma

  • Fact 03: The names of the Five Civilised Tribes were the Cherokee, Choctaw, Seminole, Chickasaw and Creek

  • Fact 04: The journeys of the Five Civilised Tribes along the Trail of Tears started in 1831

    • The Choctaw tribe were removed in 1831

    • The Seminole tribe were removed in 1832

    • The Creek tribe were removed in 1834

    • The Chickasaw tribe were removed in 1837

    • The Cherokee tribe were removed in 1838

  • Fact 05: Of the 16,000 Choctaw Indians who journeyed across the Trail of Tears between 5000 and 6,000 died en route

  • Fact 06: The Five Civilised Tribes were so-called because they adopted the various cultural and political features of the Europeans including farming methods, clothing, houses and many converted to Christianity.

  • Fact 07: Wealthy members of the Five Civilised Tribes had black slaves who worked on their cotton plantations

  • Fact 08: The Five Civilised Tribes had a written constitution, a judiciary system and a public school system

  • Fact 09: The end of the American Civil War (1861–1865) saw the fall of the tribes and the treaties of the tribes who had supported the Confederacy were broken

  • Fact 10: President Andrew Jackson was instrumental in the events leading up to the Trail of Tears, his policies involved the ethnic cleansing of several Indian tribes

  • Fact 11: Many white settlers advocated the total extermination of the "savages."

  • Fact 12: Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act in 1830 which reversed the U.S. policy of respecting the rights of Native American Indians

  • Fact 13: The Indian Removal Act started the removal of the tribes via the Trail of Tears from their homelands in the Deep South to Indian reservations in Oklahoma.

  • Fact 14: The Treaty of New Echota in 1835 ceded all Cherokee land to the United States for $5.6 million

  • Fact 15: 17,000 Cherokees were forced off their land in 1838 and had to undertake the long journey across the Trail of Tears

  • Fact 16: General Winfield Scott led the forced removal of the Indians to start their journey on the Trail of Tears. Their homelands were won by white settlers in a lottery.

  • Fact 17: U.S. soldiers did not allow the Indians to take extra clothing, food or blankets for their journey on the Trail of Tears

  • Fact 18: The Cherokees were organized into separate groups of about 1,000 people for the journey on the Trail of Tears

  • Fact 19: The Cherokees were allowed 600 wagons and carts, 5,000 horses and just over 100 oxen for their journey across the Trail of Tears

  • Fact 20: Not all of the Indians walked the whole of the Trail of tears. Some had horses and wagons, and some were were transported part of the way by barges

  • Fact 21: The Cherokee Trail of Tears led to exposure in freezing cold weather conditions with inadequate clothing. They suffered from malnutrition, starvation and disease

  • Fact 22: The fatal diseases that killed so many of the Native Indians included Smallpox, Malaria, Measles, Cholera and Pneumonia

  • Fact 23: Nearly 4000 Cherokees died on the Trail of Tears from malnutrition, exposure, and disease.

  • Fact 24: The Cherokee tribe refer to the Trail of Tears as 'Nunna daul Isunyi' which means “The Trail Where They Cried”

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