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Apache Names and Meanings
Check out this list of Apache Names for boys and girls  with their meanings and origins. The collection of Native American Apache Names includes baby names for boys and girls. The naming traditions of Native American Indians varied greatly from tribe to tribe but were generally based on gender, nature, totem animals and descriptions of the appearance or features of a baby. We have a specific list of Apache Names for girls and another list of Apache Names for boys.

The Apache Tribe
The Apache tribe of Native American Indians are famous for their fierce fighting qualities and fought for nearly 50 yeras in the Apache Wars. Their name comes from a Zuni word meaning “enemy.” Eastern Apache were predominantly hunter gatherers, whilst their Western counterparts relied more on farming, but were driven from their lands by Comanche. Today Apache live mainly on reservations covering over 3 million acres in Arizona and New Mexico. They still retain many traditional tribal customs.

List of Apache Names for Girls
A name is the very first present that we give to our baby. The following list contains unusual ideas for Apache Names for Girls  together with their meanings where this info is available. This website will be of interest to anyone searching for Apache Names for Girls as it contains facts and interesting information about the culture, history and traditions of this famous Native American tribe.

Maa-ya-ha: Grandmother Nellie
Gouyen: Wise Woman
Lozen: Sister of Victorio
Dahteste: Warrior Woman
Nalin: Maiden
Sonsee-array: Morning Star
Ih-tedda: Young Girl
Bina: Musical instrument
Ekta: Unity
Ela: Earth
Kushala: Safe
Liluye: Hawk singing
Nascha: Owl
Onawa: Wide awake

List of Apache Names for Boys
Cochise: Hardwood
Biminak: Slick roper
Bimisi: Slippery
Bipin: Forest
Bodaway Firemaker
Eknath: Poet
Elan: Friendly
Illanipi: Amazing
Kuruk: Bear
Nantan: Spokesman
Nitis: Friend
Tarak: Star
Nana: Warrior and Chief
Geronimo: Warrior and Chief
Eskiminzin: Warrior and Chief
Mangas Coloradas: Red Sleeve
Mangas Warrior and Chief
Ka-e-te-nay: Warrior and Chief
Victorio: Warrior and Chief
Taza: Warrior and Chief
Juh (pronounced "Hoo"): Warrior and Chief
Nantan Dole Tasso: Chief Jump Off
Chalipun: Warrior and Chief
Cassadore: Warrior and Chief
Eskinospas: Warrior and Chief
Diablo: Warrior and Chief
Hashkedasila: Warrior and Chief
Alchesay: Warrior and Chief
Delshay: Warrior and Chief
Askadodilges: Hides his foot
Dasodaha: He only sits there
Eskaminzim: Big Mouth
Goyathlay: Yawner
Itza-chu: Great hawk
Jlin-Litzoque: Yellow horse
Loco: Warrior and Chief
Nantan Lupan: Grey wolf
Taklishim: Grey one

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