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Native American Names and Meanings - Starting with U & V
Check out this list of Native American Names for boys and girls starting with U & V with their meanings and origins. The collection of Native American Baby names include Apache, Cherokee, Navajo, Sioux, Cheyenne, and Crow baby names for boys and girls.

The naming traditions of Native American Indians varied greatly from tribe to tribe but were generally based on gender, nature, totem animals and descriptions of the appearance or features of a baby. We have a specific list of Native American Names for girls and another list of of Native American Names for boys.

List of Native American Names for Girls starting with U & V
A name is the very first present that we give to our baby. The following list contains unusual ideas for Native American Names for Girls starting with U & V together with their meanings and the name of the tribe the name is associated with. This website will be of interest to anyone searching for Native American Names for Girls as it contains facts and interesting information about the culture, history and traditions of different Native American tribes.

Una: Remember: Hopi
Unega: White: Cherokee
Urika: Useful: Omaha
Usdi: Baby: Cherokee
Utina: Woman of my country: Native American Origin

List of Native American Names for Boys starting with U & V
Unaduti: Woolly head: Cherokee
Uzumati: Grizzly bear: Miwok
Vaiveahtoish: Alights on the cloud: Cheyenne
Viho: Chief: Cheyenne
Vipponah: Slim face: Cheyenne
Vohkinne: Roman nose: Cheyenne
Voisttitoevetz: White cow: Cheyenne
Vokivocummast: White antelope: Cheyenne

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