Native American Stories

Native Indian Tribe

The Native American Stories in this section provide an opportunity to read about the stories of Native Indian tribes and many of their great chiefs and leaders. Classic Short stories for kids and children of all ages. Fiction and true stories about Indians. The Myths and Legends about American Indians, their famous chiefs and their tribes. Read a free, online short story about famous tribes of American Indians & stories about Native Americans.

Native American Stories
A collection of Native American Stories which tell of the the culture of the Native American and the indigenous people of North America. Many of the stories are accompanied by pictures, paintings and many have videos - all bringing the life of Native American Stories to life and enabling a better understanding of each story.

Native American Stories for Kids and Children
Read about the 'Wild West' and the US Cavalry and their battles with the Indian Tribes. The history of the Native Americans, stories about Native Americans and the most famous American Indians from the various tribes are illustrated in these stories - an easy and engaging way to teach history to kids.

Native American stories about the famous Indian chiefs we have all heard of such as Sitting Bull, Cochise and Red Cloud. Learn about the life, culture, religion, beliefs and ceremonies of the people and tribes via the Native American Stories. Tales of Famous Indian Chiefs and legends about Indian Wars.

Native American Stories - Stories about Native Americans
These Native American Stories bring the subject of Indians to life. A selection of Classic, Short, American Indian Stories for kids and children of all ages. This unique collection of free, online Native American Stories are suitable for children and kids of all ages. Easy reading to learn about the history, myths, tales and legends of the famous chiefs and leaders of Indian tribes - stories about Native Americans and famous Indian Chiefs.

Stories about Native Americans - Famous Indian Chiefs

Red Cloud
Spotted Tail
Little Crow
Crazy Horse
Sitting Bull
Rain in the Face
Two Strike
American Horse
Dull Knife
Roman Nose
Chief Joseph
Little Wolf
Hole in the Day
Billy Bowlegs
Captain Jack
Chief Egan
Captain John Smith and Powhatan
The Ghost Dancers
Black Hawk
Four Bears
Grizzly Bear
Standing Bear
King Philip's War
French and Indian War
Samoset and Massasoit
Chief Red Cloud
Little Turtle
Catharine the Ojibwa
Chief Pontiac
Metacomet (King Philip)

Stories about Native Americans - Famous Indian Wars, Battles and People

King Philip's War
The Southern Indians
French and Indian Wars
Old French War
Story of a Captive
Roger's Rangers
Pontiac's War
Indians join Britain against the Colonies
War with the Creek Nation
Wars with the Western Indians
The Backwoodsmen of Kentucky
Tecumseh and the War of 1812
Black Hawk War
Indian Wars
War with the Seminoles
Nez Perces and the Poncas
Apache Wars
Ute Wars
Short Story of King Philip's War
The Alamo
Sioux War
When Ghost Shirts Failed
Washington Stands Fast
Yellow Hairs Last Fight
Braddock’s Bloody Field
Daniel Boone & the Battle of Blue Licks
Battle of Tippecanoe
Old Fort Mims the Foolish
The Seminoles in Florida
With Old Zach at Palo Alto
Victory at San Jacinto
Face to Face with Mexico
Trail of the Dog Soldiers
Resaca De La Palma
Battle of Adobe Walls
At the Rosebud
Beecher's Island
Black Kettle's Village

Blackfeet Native American Stories, Myths and Legends for Kids

Two Fast Runners
The Wolf Man
The Blood Boy
The Dog and the Root Digger
The Camp of the Ghosts
The Buffalo Stone
How the Thunder Pipe Came
Cold Maker's Medicine
The All Comrades Societies
The First Medicine Lodge
The Buffalo-painted Lodges
Red Old Man
Red Robe's Dream
The Blackfeet Creation
Old Man Stories
The Ancient Blackfeet

Native American Stories, Myths and Legends for Kids

Ahneah Rose Flower (Iroquois Story)
Bad Wild Cat (Passamaquoddy Story)
Boy who became a Robin(Chippewa Story)
Boy in Jug (Hopi Story)
Boy in the Moon
Coyote Hungry (Caddo Story)
The Brother and Sister (Arapaho Story)
Chestnut Kettle (Iroquois Story)
Elves (Iroquois Story)
Coyote Proud (Pima Story)
Discontented Rock (Iroquois Story)
Hidden Waters (Iroquois Story)
Firebird (Whullemooch Story)
First Pine Trees (Micmac Story)
Jowiis and the Eagles (Iroquois Story)
How Indian Corn came into the World (Chippewa Story)
How Maple Sugar came into the World (Salteaux Story)
Kind Hawk (Hopi Story)
How Master Rabbit went Fishing (Micmac Story)
How Partridge Built the Birds Canoes (Passamaquoddy Story)
Land of Northern Lights (Algonquin Story)
How Fairies came into the World (Algonquin Story)
How the Four Winds were Named (Iroquois Story)
Legend of the Morning Star (Iroquois Story)
How Hunter became a Partridge (Passamaquoddy Story)
Leelinau the Fairy Girl (Chippewa Story)
Legend of the Violet (Iroquois Story)
Legend of Niagara and Great Lakes (Chippewa Story)
Legend of Trailing Arbutus (Iroquois Story)
Little Owl Boy (Arapaho Story)
Little Burnt Face (Micmac Story)
Magic Windpipe (Arikara Story)
Meadow Dandelion (Chippewa Story)
Little Dawn Boy and Rainbow Trail (Navaho Story)
Enchanted Sugar Maple (Chippewa Story)
Mud Pony (Skidi Pawnee Story)
Mikumwess (Micmac Story)
Nuts of Jonisgyont (Iroquois Story)
Poor Turkey Girl (Zuni Story)
Noisy Chipmunk (Yakima)
Rolling Rock (Flathead Story)
Singing Maidens (Wyandot Story)
Pitcher Witch and Black Cats (Algonquin Story)
Silver Brooches (Mohawk Story)
Spirit of the Corn (Iroquois Story)
Shingebiss (Chippewa Story)
Snow Man (Menominee Story)
Star Bride (Blackfoot Story)
Sky Elk (Iroquois Story)
Star and Water Lilies (Chippewa Story)
Ugly Wild Boy (Zuni Story)
The Spring Beauty (Chippewa Story)
Summer Fairies (Algonquin Story)
Woodpecker Gray (Wyandot Story)
Star Maiden (Wyandot Story)
Why the Turkey Gobbles (Cherokee Story)
Wishes (Micmac Story)
Why Wild Roses Have Thorns (Salteaux Story)
Woodpecker Girls (Micmac Story)

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