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Native American Symbols
Native American Symbols can vary in meaning from one tribe to another and across different regions. These symbols were used for a variety of reasons and on depicted on numerous objects. War paint, body decoration, used by Indian warriors contained secret symbols - even horses were painted with symbols. 

Many were spiritual in nature conveying religion and beliefs. Others conveyed immediate secret messages to other tribe members identifying specific clans. Some Native American symbols were specific to individual families and passed down from one generation to another. Others had a practical purpose such as providing directions or indicating a good hunting or designating an area for a specific purpose.

Native American Symbols and Signs
Symbols and signs were used for a variety of different reasons in the Native American culture and were depicted on numerous objects and articles used by the men and women of the tribes.

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Drum Symbol
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Arrowhead Symbol
Wolf Tracks
Kokopelli Symbol
Coyote Symbol
Gila Monster
Enclosure Symbol
Saddlebag Symbol
Thunderbird Symbol
White Soldiers
Trickster Symbol
Twins Symbol
Heartline Symbol
Zuni Bear Symbol
Love Symbol
Homecoming Symbol
Strength symbol
Butterfly symbol
Raven Symbol
Circle Symbols
Raven symbol
Change symbol
Crow symbol
Death symbol
Owl symbol
Friendship symbol
Change symbol
Handprint Symbol
Death symbol
Fox symbol
Family Symbol
Mother symbol
Horned Serpent
Bear symbol
Great Serpent symbol
Feathered Serpent symbol
Avanyu symbol
Serpent Symbol
Brothers symbol
Fire symbol
Shaman symbol
Falcon symbol
Bird Man symbol
Chunkey symbol
Panther Symbol
Warrior symbol
Hand Eye symbol
Piasa Symbol
Red Horn Symbol
Raccoon Symbol
Yei symbol
Harmony symbol
Spider Symbol
Cross in a Circle
Swastika Symbol
Square Symbol
Symbol of Life
Woman Symbol
Man in the Maze
Protection Symbol
Sisters Symbol
Fertlity Symbol
Hawk Symbol
Hope Symbol
Snake Symbol
Horse Symbol
Symbols for Letters - Alphabets
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