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Native American Indians were a deeply spiritual people and they communicated their history, thoughts, ideas and dreams from generation to generation through Symbols and Signs such as the Bird Track symbol. A bird symbolised light-hearted freedom.

Bird Track Symbol

The tracks of any animal or bird were used to indicate a direction. Native American bird and animal symbols and totems are believed to represent the physical form of a spirit helper and guide. The meaning of the Bird Track symbol was to signify the presence of birds, especially wild turkeys in the area and indicate where they could be found, or the direction they were taking. The meaning of the Bird Track symbol was to signify a good omen and convey authority. The following picture taken from a ledger pictogram drawing, dated 1875, depicts mounted hunters pursuing a deer, having flushed a turkey and chicks from cover. Wild turkeys once roamed over 39 states. The Indians usually captured them by using traps and nets. The pole trap consisted of 5-8 poles stacked on four sides which was covered with a net. A trench was dug under one side of the trap which was baited with corn.

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