Jawbone Club

Stone & bone was used to make Native American tools & weapons such as the Jawbone Club

Jawbone Club

Description and Definition of Jawbone Club: The Jawbone Club is the name given to describe one of the many different Types of Native American War Clubs used during Indian warfare and combat.

The name of the Jawbone Club was so-called because this weapon was literally made from the jaw bone of a large animal. A jawbone club weapon was constructed out of the jawbone of an elk, bear, buffalo or a horse. The Plains Native Americans would sharpen the hitting edge of the weapon while leaving the teeth inside the jaw bone intact, as can be seen in the picture below. The Jawbone Club was a primitive but highly effective weapon that was used across North America during early pre-historic times.

The Design of the Jawbone Club
The Jawbone Club was used as a close contact weapon and had the ability to cut through the chest of an opponent. It was used for cleaving an enemy using a swinging action. This was a deadly weapon and a jawbone weapon was mentioned in the Bible in which Samson is attributed with slaying an entire army with only the jawbone of an ass. The blades of the Jawbone Club were sharpened and the teeth of the jawbone were sometimes polished.  As a raw material, bone is tough and slightly brittle and easily modified to suit the user of the weapon. Jawbones were also used as early tools and thre jaw bones of deer were used as a primitive hoe for threshing grasses.

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