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Picture of Sauk Fox Native American - Description and Points of Interest

The name of the artist is George Catlin (1796-1872). The picture, depicting traditional dress,  provides the opportunity to study the culture and clothing of this Native American Indian.

The name of the Native Indian in the picture of the Sauk Fox Indian is Náh-pope, Soup, Adviser to Black Hawk, Sac and Fox tribe. Painted at Jefferson Barracks in October 1832. The picture of him raises different points of interest which increase knowledge and understanding of Native Indian tribes:

  • What materials have been used to make the clothes / headdress?
  • What ornaments or decorations are being worn?
  • What items or accessories is he holding?
  • What image does the picture convey? Intimidating or friendly?
  • Can you identify the group or the region the Native Indian belongs to?

The title we have given the picture reflects the name of the tribe, for ease of identification.

Information about the Picture
“When Mr. Catlin, the artist, was about taking the portrait of … [Soup], he seized the ball and chain that were fastened to his leg, and, raising them on high, exclaimed, with a look of scorn, ‘Make me so, and show me to the Great Father.’ On Mr. Catlin's refusing to paint him as he wished, he kept varying his countenance with grimaces to prevent him from catching a likeness”

Soup was second in command to Black Hawk during the war and brother of The Prophet, with whom he conspired to bring about the conflict.

The Manners, Customs and Conditions of the North American Indians (1832 - 1839)
by George Catlin

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