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The Meaning of the Feathered Serpent Symbol
The Feathered Serpent symbol is one of the many serpent or snake-like deities depicted with feathers that figure in the mythology of many Native American tribes and is closely associated with the Horned serpent.

The Feathered serpent is also known as the 'Skysnake'. The Feathered serpent is associated with rain, thunder storms and waterways. The zigzag and meandering lines of the serpent or snake are symbolic of water and the feathers represent the ability of the feathered serpent to fly to the sky. The Feathered serpent symbol meaning represented life and the renewal of life, just like water. The Feathered serpent was the feared guardian of life and the forces of life. Pueblo villages held ceremonies relating to the feathered serpent. The Algonquin believed that crossing a bridge in the shape of an enormous serpent would lead to the road of the afterlife. All those who had led and honest life would cross the bridge but others would fall into the waters below and turn into snakes. In Apache mythology a deity called Gucumatz was a Feathered Serpent.

The Meaning of the Feathered Serpent Symbol
Native American Indians were a deeply spiritual people and they communicated their history, thoughts, ideas and dreams from generation to generation through Symbols and Signs such as the Feathered Serpent symbol. The origin of the Feathered Serpent symbol originates from the Mesoamerican cultures, notably the Aztecs and in particular the Aztec feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl. However there is evidence that the feathered Serpent also featured in the ancient Mississippian culture of North America, the culture of the Mound Builders. The Mound Builders associated great mystical value to the serpent. The sacred rites, myths and symbols of the Mississippians play a role in the beliefs of many Native American tribes. The Feathered Serpent symbol was usually viewed as a benign or benevolent although fearful creature whereas the Great Serpent was usually represented as a malevolent creature. For additional information refer to Mythical Creatures.

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The Feathered Serpent Symbol - Mississippian culture
The most ancient Native American Indian symbols, like the Feathered Serpent symbol, came from the Mississippian culture which was established in 1000AD and continued to 1550AD onward. The Mississippian Native Americans were the last of the mound-building cultures of North America in the Midwestern, Eastern, and Southeastern United States. The Mississippian culture was based on warfare, which was represented by an array of emblems, motifs and symbols. The Mississippian culture warrior icons like the Feathered Serpent symbol provides interesting history and ideas for tattoos that include cosmic imagery depicting animals, humans and mythical beasts. The Mississippian Native Americans practiced body painting, tattooing and piercing.

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