Native American Life

Native Indian Life

A comprehensive illustrated guide to Native American Life with pictures and videos. Containing facts and information about different aspects of the everyday life, history and lifestyle of Native American Indians. Facts and information about many items used in Native American life. Discover how the men and children lived in Indian villages.

Find out about their music and musical instruments including drums and flute and their food and recipes.

Native American Life
A comprehensive and illustrated guide to Native American Life and the everyday lifestyle of the different Indian tribes. All of our articles are accompanied by pictures, paintings and many have videos - all bringing Native American Life literally to life and enabling a better understanding of each of subjects covered.

Information and Facts about Native American Life
Discover facts and information about items that were invented by Indians to make their daily life and work more comfortable. Learn about their leisure time and the games that the men, women and children played. Their music and songs and the musical instruments that accompanied their customs and festivals. What type of food did they eat? How did their food vary from one region to another? Examples of some Native American recipes and special types of food such as pemmican and hominy. Native American hunting and the many uses of the buffalo. Modes of transport and how this varied from one area to another, from the horse to the travois and the canoe. Discover facts and information about all these elements and the lives of Native Indians.

Native American Life
This section covers a variety of different subjects with articles about the life and lifestyles of the different tribes.

Native American Life - Food
What types of food was eaten by the different tribes? Learn about the typical food eaten by the tribes in all of the cultural regions. The types of meat, fish, shellfish, nuts, seeds, grains, fruits, berries and vegetables. The tribes who cultivated the 'Three Sisters' crops of corn, squash and beans.

Native American Life - Recipes
American Indians ate a variety of different food. The women cooked and passed their recipes on to their daughters. The food and recipes were passed on to the colonists and settlers and we still enjoy some of their recipes in our present daily life, including everyone's favorite - popcorn. The traditional American Indian Recipes and food included Succotash, Sofkey, Popcorn, Pinole, Clambake (Quahog), Buffalo Stew, Popped Wild Rice and Sunflower Seed Cakes.

Native American Life - Dwellings
The article on American Indian dwellings provides and overview of the homes used by the many tribes in the varying locations and climates across North America. The types of dwellings included the Tepee, Wigwam, Wickiups, Longhouses, Earth Lodges, Hogans, Igloos, Wattle and Daub Houses, Tule Mat Lodges, Adobes, Grass houses, 'Beehive' Houses, Chickees, Pit Houses and Plank Houses.

Native American Life - Music and Musical Instruments
Music played and extremely important role in Native American Life and was a fundamental part of their culture and social life. The music most closely associated with all of the tribes was played on the drums and on the flute.

Native American Life - Indian Dogs
Native American dogs featured strongly in the daily life of the tribes. Dogs were used as beasts of burden and trained to haul travois. They also acted as guards of the camps and villages alerting the inhabitants of any intruders. Dogs also provided companionship in the daily life of the tribes, especially for the children.

Native American Life - Canoes
Birch Bark and Dugout canoes were built by most tribes across the continent of North America. Canoes were a perfect form of transportation along the rivers, waterways and coastal regions. Canoes were used for many purposes such as hunting, fishing, trading expeditions, recreation and leisure in the form of boat races and to transport war parties to mount attacks on enemy tribes and villages.

Life and Transportation - Travois
The American Indians of the Great Plains developed a mode of transportation called the travois. The travois was used to transport the possessions and belongings of the people as they moved camp to follow the buffalo. There were two types of travois - the dog travois and the horse travois.

Native American Life - Sports and Games
Their leisure time was important to all tribes as were the sports and the games that they played. A favourite game of some of the tribes was Lacrosse - for additional facts and info refer to Native American games.

Native American Life

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